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Marketing & Design

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Designed to succeed

NJIKOO builds markets and networks relationships by promoting your Business and providing access to social media. 

With our extensive experience in Design and Marketing we connect your business to the world.

content marketing

Through our business solutions, we provide strong support to your business in exceeding its target across the global market

web design

We provide web design end to end. Whatever your needs, from the domain name, hosting to the the content management, SEO, PPC etc…

digital consulting

SEO Wizard, Mailboxes, Blog, Online Store. You give the power to your business to grow through the technologies available out there

graphic design

Create great and unique content tor your marketing campaigns. We are working with you to make you visible. This include top quality design for logo, top design website, flyers, brochure and much much more.


Connected with your customers and accessible whenever they need to get in touch. Be close to your target audience is a key factor for your business. We are working together for this to be a success

social media

Social marketing is the a great way to be in touch with potential customers, clients for your business. Your digital marketing start with the Social media for your business to be successful

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

You are just few clicks to the success. Very simple steps to start selling. Add you business, start making you visible. Start selling your products, manage your NJIKOO space to grow.

count on us

Best Practices

Investing into Marketing. Whatever you decide we support you. You need your business yo grow and see the results.

Working together on your success!

find before looking

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